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Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Gray Hair Kit: Auburn

Gray hair dyed with Ancient Sunrise Henna

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Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Gray Hair: Auburn

This is a convenient body art quality high dye content henna kit.  This henna  is absolutely pure, will dyw your hair beautiful auburn, and will completely cover your gray!  It's wonderful for all types of hair: easy to apply, easy to rinse.  This kit comes with high dye content henna for gray hair, gloves, complete instructions and applicators.  

For more information and complete instructions, Click HERE

One kit has two 100g packages of body art quality high dye content henna (a total of 200g).  200g of henna will dye collar-length hair a beautiful red.  If your hair is longer than collar length, you will need one kit for every six inches of hair length.     

Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Gray Hair Kit: Auburn #2567  $17.00

3g sample of Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Gray Hair  Kit: Auburn: (just enough to test on spare hair and see if you like it)    $1.50  #2568

Auburn kit

Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair kits make hair strong, heavy, silky and glossy.
Auburn Kit

This kit contains two 100g packages of laboratory certified body art quality henna, gloves, a piping bag and instructions

Ancient Sunrise® auburn color does not fade, nor does it turn peculiar!  This color stays vibrant, glossy, and keeps looking natural week after week!

This Ancient Sunrise® kit is different from other henna for hair kits!

  • This kit contains 100% pure body art quality henna, certified by an independent laboratory.  Learn why body art quality henna is different, and why it is important to you here:
  • This kit has NO para-phenylenediamine!

This is a convenient body art quality high dye content henna kit. This henna  is absolutely pure, will dye your hair beautiful auburn, and will completely cover your gray!  It's wonderful for all types of hair: easy to apply, easy to rinse.  This kit comes with high dye content henna for gray hair, gloves, complete instructions and applicators.  

  • This product will not “coat” your hair, nor will it make hair brittle, because this product has no metallic salts, synthetic dyes or unlisted ingredients.  This kit contains only pure body art quality henna.  
  • If you are allergic to synthetic hair dye, you should have no difficulty with henna.
  • These kits contain absolutely no para-phenylenediamine, ammonia, peroxide, or any other artificial ingredients.
auburn over gray

This is the color of henna over 90% gray hair, after one month.
Your hair may be different!

This dye is permanent.  
  • This henna will not fade!  It does NOT gradually wash out.
  • The color darkens over time!  If your hair seems too bright at first, be patient.  It will get darker in a few days.
  • Every time you henna, your hair will take up more color.  If your hair doesn't come out as dark as you want, just dye it again.
  • If your hair is as dark as you want, you can prevent gradual darkening by just doing the roots.
  • You can use this kit to dye over synthetically dyed hair, but please test first!  Results may be unpredictable.
  • Please test first on an inconspicuous bit of skin. Henna will stain your skin orange, but that is temporary, and not an allergic reaction! 
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Want to order?  Got Questions?  
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Please read these instructions!  

The instructions for Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair kits are different from other kits because the ingredients are different. 
  • Confused?  Ask questions on the forum at for more information.  You'll get answers FAST!
  • Call the Toll-Free Help Desk for more information:  1-855-MEHANDI or phone 330-673-0600 (USA)
  •  If our phones are busy, email, tell us your phone number, and we'll call you!
Before you begin:

If you have never used Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair before, TEST FIRST! 

Test first!
  • Harvest some of your hair from your hairbrush and use a little of your henna according to instructions.  
  • Smear the hair thickly with the paste, wrap it in plastic, and let it sit for several hours.  
  • Rinse and pat dry.  
  • Let the color mature for four days.  The stain will darken! See if you like the results, or want something different.  
  • If you need help getting the results you want, ask questions on the forum at  People there have had lots of experience, and they’ll be glad to help you!
Do not bleach over this color without testing first:  the results can be unpredictable.


Mix your Ancient Sunrise® henna the day before you dye your hair for best results
what you need

Your kit has a packet of citric acid.

This will help the henna stain your hair a darker color, and the color will not fade or wash out.  Henna paste must be mildly acidic to give the best results.  If you dye your hair with henna mixed with only water, the color will gradually fade, and the results may be brassy.  If you dye your hair with henna mixed with acidic liquid, the results will be a vibrant color that will gradually darken.  The color results will be the same at first; the change is gradual.  
citric acid and henna

Put the 3g packet of citric acid  into 100g of henna. 

henna can fade

A mildly acidic mix will keep the hydrogen atom intact on the lawsone molecule until it  binds with your keratin, instead of losing it to a random oxygen.
add liquid

Mix enough liquid into the henna and citric acid
 to make a paste as thick as mashed potatoes.

  • The citric acid will give your henna enough acidity to get the best results.
  • Add any clear juice or herb tea that is convenient.
  • Don't mix henna with coffee.  Your hair will smell bad, and you'll get the jitters.  Coffee will NOT make your henna darker!
  • Don't add eggs or oil to henna.  That will hinder the stain. 
  • Don't mix henna with wine or vinegar.  That will make the henna smell terrible.
Mix the henna

Gradually stir liquid into the henna until it is as thick as lumpy mashed potatoes.
  • Cover the paste with plastic wrap and let it rest overnight at room temperature.
  • Don't worry about exact measurements.  For the first 6,000 years that women dyed their hair with henna, they didn't have thermometers or digital scales, and their hair always came out nice. 
  • If you're in a hurry, put your henna in a warm place, like a closed car with the windows rolled up.  At 100F, henna will be ready in an hour.
  • If your henna is mixed, and you can't do your hair right away, put your henna in the refrigerator.  It will stay ready for four days in the fridge.
cover and let it sit

Cover the henna paste with plastic wrap and let it rest overnight.
Section your hair into ¼ inch sections and apply the henna paste to your hair.

Section the hair
  • If you section your hair before you start, the process will go much faster! 
  • Dye one section at a time.
  • Add liquid as needed to make the henna paste as thick as yogurt so its easy to smear into your hair.
  • Apply the henna paste with a spatula, with a piping bag, or with your fingers.  
  • A tinting brush isn't strong enough to apply henna.  Don't even try.
  • Apply the henna THICK, as if you're frosting a layer cake.

  Get it down to the roots and skin2  

Section the hair first, especially if the hair is long.  that will make things go much faster!
Apply the henna right down onto the skin.  If you're just doing the roots, the piping bag will make this go quickly and easily!
Push the henna into the hair.  Pull the paste through the length of the hair unless you're just doing roots.  
Wear the gloves provided in this kit!  Henna will stain your hands!
smear and push the henna into the hair

Beginning at the nape of the neck, apply the paste right down to the scalp with your fingers. 

  • Stroke and push the paste into your hair.  
  • Coat every hair thickly by stroking the paste into the hair with your fingers. 
  • Gradually work your way to your forehead, one section at a time.  
  • Use the piping bag to apply paste to those “hard to get to” spots, or to do your roots!
When all your hair is thickly coated with the mixture, clean off your forehead, ears, and neck, and wrap up your hair in plastic wrap. 
  • Leave the mixture in your hair for two to four hours.  
  • If you have long hair, and a lot of henna, lie down with your head on a pillow and rest so you won't get a crick in your neck!  
  • Some people leave the henna in overnight. If that's convenient for you, and doesn't make you restless all night, that's an easy way to do it. 
  • Then, rinse your hair, shampoo, and rinse again.   
  • At first the color is going to look VERY BRIGHT.  Do not panic. The color will darken.
  • In two days, the stain will mature to a perfect radiant red color.
The henna color will get darker and richer in a few days!
Pull the henna down the length of the hair

Apply the henna thick, like cake frosting.
When all the hair is completely coated with henna, wrap up the hair in saran wrap and take a nap.
If you have henna paste left over, put it in the piping bag and put it in the freezer.  
  • Henna paste will stay fresh in the freezer for a year.  Thaw it, and its ready to use!
  • Use  leftover henna paste to touch up any spots you missed.
  • Use leftover henna paste  to go over your roots as they grow in.

You can apply henna as often as you want.  Henna is GOOD for your hair!

Every time you apply henna, your hair will take up more color.
  • If your hair is as dark as you want,  just do roots whenever they begin to show.  Remember, gray hair grows faster than pigmented hair!  White roots show up fast!  Touch up your roots as often as you like.  Henna won't hurt you. 
Some people love the smell of henna.  Some people hate the smell of henna.
  • If you hate the smell of henna, add a spoonful of powdered ginger and cardamom to your mix. Your hair will be pleasantly fragrant!

Ginger Root Powder (Zingiber officinale) 25g = $4.50

Cardamom Seed Powder (Elettaria cardamomum) 25g = $4.99

Some people think henna makes their hair feel dry.
  • Wash your hair a few times and condition once.  Your hair will settle down to feeling very silky.
Added notes:
  • People often need to change their shampoo and conditioner with henna: you may no longer need conditioner.
  • If your hair didn't come out the way you hoped, ask for advice on the forum.
Doctors often recommend pure henna for their patients who wish to dye their hair, because there are health risks associated with synthetic dyes.
  • Doctors often recommend henna to pregnant or nursing women who wish to dye their hair.
  • If you have been advised to stop using chemical dyes because you are being treated for cancer, Ancient Sunrise® henna should be safe for you to use.
  • If you have been advised to stop using chemical dyes because of allergic reactions, Ancient Sunrise® should be safe for you to use.
  • Pure henna is generally considered very safe to use, but it’s always best to consult your physician if you have any questions about your health.

If the henna causes intense intense itching or wheezing, please do not use this product!

Every person will have a slightly different result based on their natural hair color. Body art quality henna has a red-orange dye molecule, lawsone, which will stain your hair.  
  • If your hair is blonde, faded red, light ash brown, gray or white, this kit will dye your hair a deep natural red color.  
  • If your hair is very light or dye resistant, or damaged from chemicals, you may need more than one application to get a true red color.  
  • This Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair kit will cover gray and white hair when used according to instructions.
  • If your hair is black, ash brown or brunette, this kit will not make your hair a lighter color.  This kit will add red highlights to dark hair, and make it thick and glossy without changing base color.

Ancient Sunrise

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