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Gray hair before henna

Before using Ancient SunriseŽ henna, Luna's hair was gray,  damaged and drab.  

One day after using  henna, her hair is vibrant red, healthy and shining.  

Pure henna darkens gradually, and the color becomes deeper every time you use it. One month later, Luna's drab gray hair is deep lustrous auburn, and healthier than its ever been before!  Every strand of hair takes the stain differently, so the color looks completely natural, and never fades!

Now Luna just does her roots every few weeks with Ancient SunriseŽ highest lawsone content henna .. and gets beautiful, seamless gray coverage!
Use Ancient SunriseŽ Henna for Gray Hair Kits for perfect Red, Auburn, Brunette, and Black ... over Gray!

Why are Ancient SunriseŽ Henna for Gray Hair Kits different from other henna kits?  
  • You can use these kits over chemically dyed hair.
  • These kits will cover gray.
  • We've got great customer service folks ready to help you get the results you want! 
  • These kits are GOOD for your hair!
Perhaps you've tried henna before and found that it didn't cover your gray. Our Ancient SunriseŽ Henna for Gray Hair Kits cover gray beautifully, because our product is different!  

You can get great, permanent gray coverage, and have healthy, shining hair WITHOUT CHEMICAL DYES  with
Ancient SunriseŽ Henna for Gray Hair Kits.

If you haven't used Ancient SunriseŽ Henna for Gray Hair Kits before, you may have some misconceptions about dyeing your hair with henna.  

Here's what's RIGHT:
  • Ancient SunriseŽ Henna for Gray Hair Kits have nothing but pure plant powder.
  • These plants (henna, indigo, and cassia) will dye your hair permanently.  
  • People used these plants to dye their hair since before 3,000 BCE.
  • These plants have a high level of safety, and very low incidence of allergic reaction.
  • It takes a little while longer to dye your hair with these plants than with chemicals. 
  • You can do this yourself; its no more difficult than making a bowl of oatmeal.
Misconception:  Once you dye your hair with chemical dyes, you can never use henna.  Once you dye your hair with henna, you can never use chemical dyes.

Here's what's RIGHT: You can't use COMPOUND HENNA over chemical dyes.  You can use Ancient SunriseŽ henna over chemicals, and chemicals can be used after, because Ancient SunriseŽ henna is not compound henna!  

What is compound henna?
  • Compound henna hair dyes contain metallic salts, additional plant dyes and may contain para-phenylenediamine.
  • These metallic salts, such as lead acetate, though silver nitrate, copper, nickel, cobalt, bismuth and iron salts are a disastrous combination with activators in chemical hair dyes.  
  • Ancient SunriseŽ is PURE henna, indigo and cassia: just ground up plant leaves.  You can put these over chemically dyed hair safely.
  • HOWEVER ... test first.  If your hair is truly chemically trashed, the results may be a bit unpredictable.  
  • If you want to dye, highlight, or bleach OVER your Ancient SunriseŽ, test first! The results may be a bit unpredictable! 
Learn more about compound henna HERE:

How did the confusion about compound henna arise? Want to take a moment to geek out on history and science? Learn about this HERE:

Misconception: Henna comes in lots of colors, and different parts of the henna plant produce different  colors.

Lawsone Molecule2

Here's what's RIGHT: Henna has ONE dominant dye molecule, Lawsone.  
  • Lawsone is a red-orange molecule which is produced in henna leaves; the molecule is red-orange. 
  • Click HERE to learn more about Lawsone.
  •  When lawsone binds with keratin, it produces a range of color from orange to russet, depending on saturation, heat, and pH.
  • You can combine henna with indigo and cassia to make a full range of blonde, red, auburn, brunette, and black. 
Misconception: Henna is only ugly, brassy red that doesn't look good on anyone.

Here's what's RIGHT:  Ancient SunriseŽ Henna for Gray Hair Kits combine with your natural hair color; your hair will look more than natural, your hair will look WONDERFUL.  
  • Brassy red colors are caused by stale henna, low dye content henna, or by some technique that pops the hydrogens off the corner of the lawsone molecule so it won't bind properly to the keratin.
  • Use Ancient SunriseŽ laboratory certified henna and and follow the instructions to keep your molecules happy!
Misconception: Henna coats your hair, makes it brittle and ruins it.

Here's what's RIGHT:  The lead sulfide, lead oxide, and other metallic salts in compound  henna dyes make hair brittle, and are very damaging.  
  • Ancient SunriseŽ Henna for Gray Hair Kits are not compound henna! Our kits have 100% pure plant powder, and NO lead or metallic oxides!  
  • Ancient SunriseŽ will make your hair strong and healthy!
Misconception: Henna color is temporary and washes out.

Here's what's RIGHT: Ancient SunriseŽ Henna for Gray Hair Kits color is permanent.
  • Compound henna color washes out. Ancient SunriseŽ is not compound henna. 
  • Henna kits that contain plant products other than henna, indigo, and cassia are usually temporary, because the other plant dye molecules do not bind to the keratin in your hair. 
  • If you follow our instructions and mix your henna with a mildly acidic liquid, you'll retain the hydrogen atoms necessary for binding keratin. 
Misconception: Henna won't cover gray.

Here's what's RIGHT: Ancient SunriseŽ Henna for Gray Hair Kits WILL blend and cover gray.
  • High dye content henna, indigo, and cassia WILL blend and cover gray when used with our instructions. 
  • We send all of our materials to a certified independent laboratory to test them for dye content, quality, and purity. 
  • High quality and purity insure better gray coverage.
Why do people use chemicals instead of henna to dye hair?
  •  Chemical hair dye produces 70% of profits for the cosmetic industry, so those big corporations have a very strong incentive to promote their products.  Henna is an agricultural product grown in other countries.  It is not patentable, nor is it as potentially profitable as synthesizing chemical dye from coal tar. 
  • Chemical hair dye is more profitable for stylists than henna, because the henna process is relatively slow.  A stylist can dye a person's hair more quickly with chemicals than with henna, therefore making more profit. 
  • Chemical hair dye fits into the western industrial model of "If you buy THIS, and you get THAT predictable result, and you will be attractive and successful."  Henna is less predictable and more nuanced. 
  • Chemical dyes facilitate frequent hair color changes.  The beauty industry makes more money if we change our clothing, makeup, and hair color every season. 
Why don't more people use henna to dye their hair?
  • Henna is more time consuming and doesn't fit easily into the salon model.  Stylists are not taught how to use henna. 
  •  Henna certainly can be used in a salon, but it takes a little adjustment. 
  • Henna is not as predictable as chemical hair dye. Every person will get slightly different results. 
  • Henna is not as changeable as chemical hair dye.  

Always test your hair first!  Results vary according to the underlying hair color.

If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair with Ancient SunriseŽ Henna for Gray Hair Kits henna, get some sample kits first.  Collect hair from your hairbrush.  Call our customer service people or visit our forum to figure out what will work best for you!  Make up some of the sample kit packets, and push your hair down into that mix.  Leave it a few hours and rinse it out.  Everyone’s results are slightly different and we want you to have a perfect color!
 If you want to know more about henna, download and read this free Ebook!


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Catherine Cartwright-Jones, the person who runs this place, is presently completing her PhD dissertation on henna and the problems of para-phenylenediamine.  She has spent years researching the chemistry, techniques and history of henna and hair dye.  She's not the head of a big chemical conglomerate; she's rather bookish, and quite enthusiastic about her studies.  In regards to henna, she really DOES know what she's talking about.  

Catherine started selling henna to pay her grad school tuition, and people were so happy to find a reliable source of henna and information, that the business has grown!  When you purchase from Catherine's websites, you're supporting serious research that makes it possible for you to cover your gray, permanently, safely, beautifully, and without hurting yourself with chemicals!  Ancient SunriseŽ is healthy for you and healthy for the planet!


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